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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I thought it was summer!

The first thing Kaitlyn said when she got up this morning was "Mom, did you see it is snowing?" I told her "yes, can you believe it?" Kaitlyn replied, "no, I thought it was summer! The weather should give us some summer because I want to go to the playground!" I agree, I'm ready for summer.

I snapped these photos from the porch this morning. I didn't want to go any further than that because the snow is still coming down. I know the snow will melt by the end of the day, but it really isn't supposed to be 32 degrees in June is it?

OT - Every time we go to a dr check-up one of the questions they always ask is if we have the number for poison control. We do, yes - I taped it to the back of one of the cupboard doors thinking I would probably never use it. Well, on Monday I did. Kaitlyn was spending some time at my mom's and was "helping" her clean that morning. And got some bleach splashed in her eye. Mom rinsed it for 20 minutes, as the instructions on the bottle said, then called me and insisted I call the doctor "just to make sure." So I did, and they had me call poison control. Yep - we did the right thing but it was reassuring to know that we had, and that bleach really won't do much damage to eyes, just irritate them. But the most interesting thing was that Poison Control actually follows up on this kind of thing. They called back an hour later to check on Katy, and since they only got voicemail they called back again yesterday. I think that's impressive.
So our lessons from that day?
One: don't let kids near cleaning products GRANDMA :)
Two: it pays to have a really good pediatrician. This isn't the first time I've said this and I will say it again many times I'm sure. If you don't have a good ped you'd better find one!
Three: there really is a reason to keep those Just In Case numbers handy
Four: when you put your mind to it, you can usually come up with something "blog worthy." My days aren't actually as boring and mundane as I thought...who knew? :)


Christina said...

Wow about the bleach! That would freak me out! I would think bleach would harm the eye, good thing it doesnt. Hmmm Im still jealous about how ur comments show up!

Cheri and Sterling said...

I've had to call Poison Control two times. They keep a record of all your calls and if you call too much DFS gets involved. Which happened to my mom when she called it twice in one week.

Hope the snow melts fast and its warm soon!

Thinknpinkmom said...

I'm glad Kaitlyn is alright! :) And the snow, that just boggles my mind, here I am in like 100 degree weather and it's snowing there! So odd. :)