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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I know I'm strange but for some reason I never get in to get my hair cut more than once a year. So haircuts are a Big Event in my life :) I let it grow out, then chop it off to my shoulders, let grow, chop it. But I can't do that with Tyler's hair. So after 3-4 weeks of trying to get it done we finally managed it and all three of us got hair cuts. I lost about 4-5" of mine, Ty's went really short for the summer (maybe 2" off the back), and Kaitlyn had 3-4" taken off because she changed her mind and kept it long despite telling me over and over that she wanted it cut "to here" (chin length) for weeks before.

Here is Katy before and after.

And here is the final product (sorry no self portrait of me:) ). Camille did a great job!

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Cheri and Sterling said...

Cute pic's of the kids. The last two are just adorable! I don't get my hair cut as often as I should and I don't know why. I think because it's just such a pain to schedule and coordinate my schedule with Sterling's.