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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Photos

My mom and Rhonda went shopping together and bought these cute outfits for the kids for Easter. I wanted to show off their cuteness to the Gmas so of course I insisted on a photo session. Urgh. What's the best way to torture myself? A planned photo session with your kids, that's how. First I had to talk it all up to Kaitlyn and get her excited about giving Grandma cute photos. So she got dressed ok, as long as I promised she could change afterward. Then I wrestled Tyler into the shirt he thought was too scratchy. Cut out the tag for him and promised him too that he would be able to change after photos. Went back to find he had changed his clothes and had to wrestle him back into the shirt AGAIN - this time around it was much harder. Got them both in the car and Tyler is happily reconciled to exploring a new park, even if he does have to let Mom take photos. Kaitlyn on the other hand has decided she really doesn't want to wear the dress and pouts the whole way there then I can't get a smile out of her of any sort. So what do I do? Oh I try and try to be funny, bribe her, make promises and so on. It's even more frustrating because Tyler is being great and I'm afraid if she takes too long to cooperate I"ll lose him too. Eventually I get angry and make her cry. Yup. I have Bad Mom moments sometimes. More often than I'll ever want to admit to. But I reined myself back and went back to the forced happiness. We had a few races across the park together. I even sat there and had them pull faces with me. And this is what I got:

UGH! Eventually though Kaitlyn did come around. PHEW!!!!

Enjoy the photos

Awwww, there's my best girl

And my favorite little guy


Stacey said...

Oh Alayna- I'm glad I'm not the only one who has those moments. Sometimes our expectations are pretty far-fetched, but I'm glad you got your pics. Those two are mighty cute!

essaykings.co.uk said...

The outfits are more than cute for the Easter holidays! I admire your children so much! Such a rapid interchange of their moods!