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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Break at the Beach!

Living this close to the beach for the first time ever, of course that's where we decided to go for Spring Break. Love it!
There are quite a few beaches that are within 2-3 hours of our house and I'm sure we'll take the time to explore them all. This time we chose Carolina Beach/Kure Beach near Wilmington. We left Wednesday morning and spent a total of 3 nights in a hotel right off the beach. It was so nice to be able to walk out the door and straight to the beach and we spent a good chunk of time there every day.
The first day was overcast but it was still plenty of fun on the beach. The kids loved playing in the waves.

We also built a sandcastle every day, protecting it from Mr Destructo (that's Tyler lately) as we went. We even built him "smash castles" as we went, but by the end of every day we'd give in and let him totally destroy the castle. Kaitlyn spent a lot of time collecting shells, both to take home and to decorate the castles with.

We would know it was time to head back to the room when Tyler would lay down on his towel and not want to get up.


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Oh, rather long journey should be taken in order to enjoy the sun of the beach and other pleasures! though, I guess, all the fatigue will be taken right away fro yours!