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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh he's a cute little guy! We just love our newly turned 4 year old! And before we got too far past his birthday I figured I'd better do a little photo session and give him a post all his own.
At 4, Tyler is very athletic and handy. I'm not sure if this goes for all boys, but Tyler wants to try everything the older kids are doing and usually he can keep up pretty well. He's mostly fearless too, which probably helps (and scares us all more than I'd like). He has massive amounts of energy too and spends a good amount of his time simply running around our new house or trying to jump onto or off things he shouldn't.
Tyler is a HUGE fan of anything with wheels - dump trucks, backhoes/trackhoes, and tractors top the list but really he loves any type of vehicle from train to forklift to race car. He can spend hours lining them up and having them "work."
He's got a cute little sense of humor and likes to tease or cause mischief. He drives his sister crazy trying to give her "nuggies." And to demonstrate - this is how our little photo session went:and
but with a few good ones in between. Honestly there were more decent ones than I thought when I was taking them. Even the one outside where I forced him to shiver in the cold for a whole 30 seconds before giving in and going back inside
We just love this kid. He's always ready for a hug and give the best ones around!


Audrey said...

He is darling!

Cheri said...

Great Pictures!

Stacey said...

You got some great pics! I want to see some pics of your new house! Hope things are going well.