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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tyler is 4!

Our first big event in North Carolina - Tyler's birthday! He thought he turned 4 a month ago when we had his party but we couldn't just not celebrate :)
We were spending the weekend with my friend Audrey and her kids so we had cake for breakfast (coffee cake, that is).
And when we got home we had our own little party with Sam. He was really happy to be around to celebrate a family birthday for the first time this year.

Ty insisted that this was his "backhoe birthday" so we doctored up the store-bought cake with a toy from his backpack and he was happy.

Hope he wished for furniture! haha. We were still a couple days away from the day the furniture could arrive so we were eating birthday cake off plastic plates while sitting on the floor!

And the gifts! He got his first set of Hot Wheels tracks and a scooter.

Have you ever seen anyone so excited to get new pants?!

I think this little bundle of energy had a great birthday. We love you Ty!

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