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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tyler on Two Wheels!

I'm not sure if Tyler decided, or if his big sister talked him into it. But whatever it was, they were both determined that this weekend the training wheels were coming off that little red bike. So we got him all geared up, Sam put on his running shoes, I pulled out the cameras and off he went. Literally that easy. We were amazed.
Tyler hopped on his bike Started pedalling

and by the time he was down the road and back
he was on his own! A pro 2-wheeler rider at only 3 1/2 years old!

He was so proud of himself. And we were so proud of him. His sister, and all the kids at the park, and the neighbors that were watching (yes he had quite the cheering section) were all proud of him too.
Look at that crack in that training wheel. It wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway. Boys are rough. And fearless.
It took him a little longer to master getting started by himself, but that's not a big deal.And once or twice the bike did get the best of him - no he didn't bite the dust. The bike is just a little hard to handle when you're that small. He standing up trying to turn it around and both of them just kind of slowly sank to the ground. He wasn't hurt. He wasn't even crying. That's why I sat there and took this photo instead of running over.Daddy got it all straightened out
and off he went again!

Isn't he cute?!! We went on a "long walk" around the neighborhood a couple times to give him some more practice on starting, stopping, and hills (all of which he did really well with) and Sam and I spent the whole time marvelling at how quickly he caught on and how well he was doing. And at the bus stop this morning (he rides his bike when we take Kate) you should have heard the other parents (some of which had kids at the park yesterday that had obviously been telling their parents about Ty and his two-wheeler). Let's just say, we all think he's one amazing kid! In fact, Sam told him that at one point and Tyler said "yeah. I know." :)
(now why couldn't potty training be that easy???)


Audrey said...

Wow! that is impressive! Way to o Ty!

Cheri said...

He is so young to be riding on just two wheels! Neat!