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Monday, August 30, 2010


We have been wanting to take the kids to the aquarium for months now, and since we found ourselves with time on our hands Sat morning, we decided to go. They thought it was really cool and rushed from one tank to the next.
The whole place isn't that big, but they have a surprising large variety of fish and other animals.
The touch tank with the rays was really fun. They just swim around and around the edge letting everyone touch them.
Kaitlyn was of course, more daring when it came to touching than Ty. We watched their live animal show, where they show off birds, a tarantula (ew!), a cockroach (double ew!), and a boa constrictor. During the whole show Ty sat on my lap, asking when it was done so he could get a drink. Kaitlyn thought it was great and even volunteered to help show off one of the birds' tricks.
The penguins were a big hit. They were really energetic and put on a good show swimming back on forth in front of everyone.
And in the Utah section the kids took turns posing on the frog. And Tyler was really excited to pretend to drive the boat.
The only drawback to the day was that Kaitlyn wanted something from the gift shop and had a big meltdown when we told her No. She must have been tired or something because she almost never gets upset over things like that.

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