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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

If I can't have my sweetheart home at least I still have the kids. They love Valentines - Kaitlyn because she likes to give people stuff (she asked me every 5 min how soon we were going to go deliver stuff to grandma) and Ty because he gets presents and CANDY.

I stayed up late on a whim making a few extra Valentines decorations to surprise the kids with. They noticed them. Ty even said "ooooo pretty!" So it was worth it.

We had pink heart-shaped waffles and strawberry milk with heart marshmallows for breakfast. That's all it takes to make the kids happy for the day.

Then they got dressed in their new Valentines stuff (and were proud enough of it they let me take photos) and spent the day with my parents. It was only supposed to be a quick trip to deliver cards but since we didn't have anything else going on I stayed over there to work on Tyler's new quilt. Then the kids stayed with Dad while Mom and I went to a movie.


Cheri said...

Cute V-Day decorations!

Jacalyn Roundy said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture is to die for!