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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kaitlyn turns 6!

Oh, my sweet girl is getting so big! 6 is really very old in kid years right? Kaitlyn thinks so. Luckily that means she does more things for herself, is more helpful, and more willing to do what she is asked. It also means that she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy - but so far no loose teeth!

Kaitlyn had a very fun, and very full birthday. Her day included:
-waking up to a birthday banner and a shower of balloons when she opened the door (very proud of myself for figuring out how to rig that one up! :) )
-excitedly opening presents first thing
-breakfast with special blueberry pancakes
-being the "leader" at school. Which also means it was her day to do "show and teach." She chose to teach them how to make a card. Gma Alene, Tyler and myself were able to go up to the school to watch her, and deliver cupcakes for her class. She also got to wear a special birthday crown all day. A crown which she liked enough to wear a good part of the day at home too.
-a fun Monkey themed birthday party with her friends (all girls since she said "I don't want boys at my party mom"), complete with games, pinata (THE thing to have if you are Kaitlyn. no bday is complete without a pinata), and monkey cupcakes.
-her favorite dinner - won tons and yakisoba noodle stir fry
-a cake and ice cream party with the "family grown-ups"

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