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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catching Up

It's completely unlike me, but I've let this blog go for a whole month without updating! *gasp* Don't worry, I'll catch up. In fact, check back in a bit as I will be backdating posts through the last week of Sept. So don't forget to scroll down.

Fall is a busy time for us - the typical fall activities, newly added school stuff, and a whole slew of birthdays. Some of the more noteworthy events include:

The first snow of the season. Sept 30. Snowed overnight and was gone by noon but the kids sure had fun while it lasted. It had been a mild fall up until that point but since then it seems as if the weather said "oooo October - time to show them what Fall is all about." We've been in jackets ever since.

Parent/teach conference. Glowing report for our Kaitlyn - not that we expected any different!

My birthday. Turned out to be a low key, but very enjoyable day. Phone calls, emails, and people dropping by all day made me feel so loved. We ended the day with dinner I didn't have to cook (yay!). And a small party with my family and a very nice ice cream cake from Cold Stone. Nice!

My gifts included a Dance Dance Revolution game. The kids loved it. Kaitlyn had to try it out as soon as she was home from school. Gotta love the freestyle break dancing moves she was teaching Ty :)
The kids started dance class. Mom has decided to teach again this year, but that decision wasn't finalized until dance should have been starting. Thus the late start. And not only is she teaching a class for Kaitlyn, but Tyler also got to start dance! He was so excited the first day. He wore his tap shoes the entire morning :) And did, oh so well in class. I actually think he's more suited to that sort of thing than Kaitlyn. She isn't a performer, nor does she like following other people (lol). But Ty, he's a ham. And he loves to sing, dance, and tumble. My prediction is he will love gymnastics when he's a bit older. But for now, dance class is good.
Kaitlyn looks so OLD this year. Very tall and skinny and mature.

Wyatt's birthday. The day after mine and the day dance class started. Big week for us.

Next up: Halloween!

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