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Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

I deserve the Bad Daughter award. I totally forgot my dad's birthday and had to be reminded by my 5 year old. Bad Bad Layna. That's so unlike me, right? In my defense, the day of his birthday was a nightmare. We have started potty training and for some reason that day was extra extra hard for Ty. Accidents every time I turned around - I seriously wanted to just give up. Plus Katy was over-the-top cranky and moody. I had to make her take a nap for the first time in months. And a bunch of other things went wrong/annoyed me too. But. That's not a good excuse. Oh well. I don't think Dad cared. And we made it up to him yesterday.

The kids worked hard on a couple of pictures for their grandpa then helped me bake a cake. We didn't have any frosting so we grabbed some on the way over and finished decorating it there. Kaitlyn was very particular about where she placed the candles.

But she did leave 3 for Tyler to put in.
The hit of the party, however was not the cake, but the Nerf dart gun that Nick and Eddie gave my dad. The kids (and grandpa!) shot that thing at the wall for a very long time and I could hardly pull them away when it was time to go home.And as a final note: potty training went 100% better yesterday. Not one single accident. Guess we'll keep going with it after all.

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Audrey said...

That makes me feel better. I have completely forgotten 3 sister-in-law birthdays and one brother -in-law birthday this year, and they where all on my calendar. My only defense is I don't look at the calendar much in the summer, but still. BAD BAD Audrey. Oh wait as I am writing this I realized I missed another one on July 31st. Seriously I need school to start so I have some structure in my life again. Hopefully that will help.