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Friday, July 31, 2009

24th of July

Just a few quick pics to show we weren't scared of going to another parade - ok maybe we were a little, but we went anyway. Kaitlyn loved the waving. She probably waved at every single thing that passed by. It was cute. But if you ask them, the kids will say their favorite part of the parade was the candy. Once the kids next to us lightened up and let my kiddos at some of it, that is. But we still came home with plenty, and at plenty at the parade.
And that concludes the Poineer Day festivities - at least the ones we participated in. We'll have to do better next year. Here's a goodbye wave from Ty.

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Cheri said...

We were sitting so close to you! We were across the street from the Chevron! Glad nothing bad happened at this parade!