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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soccer Anyone?

We bought the kids (ok, mostly Kaitlyn since the ball is pink) a soccer ball today. We thought they'd have to wait to try it out until another day but were lucky enough for it to stop raining and let the sun shine for a while. So the kids got to get out and have fun. And I got to play with my camera. I love the sports setting that lets me take photos one right after another - bam bam bam bam!

Kailtyn loves the running part. And the kicking. She's not so in love with playing the game by the rules and tried to get her dad to do it her way. So also didn't think the makeshift goal was good enough and after letting her dad have his way for as long as she could, she remade it so that it was taller and had a back (all out of scrap pieces of wood).

Tyler liked kicking it, but even more he liked bouncing it off his dad's head!

We also realized that the kids would probably have a lot omore fun if they each had their own ball. But since Walmart only had pink balls and a lot of empty shelves, we will have to fix that problem later.


Audrey said...

Playing soccer in the back yard as a family is one of the kids favorite things to do when dad gets home. And who really needs the rules anyway:)

JenE said...

Kaitlyn has some kick in her!! She'll learn the rules eventually...it's just fun to kick and run....and p/u to throw!