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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sam has been talking about fishing lately so I got him some stuff for our anniversary. And we decided Sunday would be a good day to try it out. We drove up to Smith and Morehouse, which was beeeeeuti-ful! So pretty up there. And it was a beautiful day, great temperature. And so peaceful and quiet up there (if you don't count the kids talking nonstop).

We haven't been fishing since before the kids were born. And I have to say, I now know why - it's exhausting! Kaitlyn was so excited about the whole thing she couldn't quit talking. Nor could she be patient enough to sit there and wait for Sam to set up the poles or to wait for a fish to bite. And Ty just wanted to get into everything - especially throwing rocks into the water. He also isn't steady enough to climb around on the rocks by the shore on his own so the whole thing was nerve-racking. And even after taking the kids on 2 walks to keep them busy, we were ready to head home after an hour.

I don't think we are going to give up on the fishing. But next time we will be better prepared. And try to find a spot that is more kid-friendly. Live and learn, right?

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Chris & Stace said...

Next time you should leave the kids with me while you go fishing. We've done the fishing thing quite a bit and it usually ends up that Chris does all the fishing and I do all the watching of the adventurous children. Sorry we missed Kaitlyn's dance recital. The pics are cute and graduation was also adorable. I'm kind of glad I have one more year with Kaylee.