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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Ride on Thomas the Train

Thomas the Tank Engine came to town and since Kaitlyn is in love with trains of any sort, but particularly Thomas, then of course we had to get tickets. It's one of those things you get sucked into doing for your kids (at least once) even though you know it's overpriced and will probably be a letdown in the end. I also have to say that we have THE WORST luck with weather this year. It rained while we were in Disneyland. It rained while Sam and I were in Vegas. And once again, it was a rainy overcast day today. Anyway...
Kaitlyn could not contain her excitement this morning when we told her we were going. When she is excited she asks every 2 minutes how soon we can leave, so we wisely waited until today to tell her the plan. And of course she was very anxious to get going. It's so much fun to watch her enthusiasm for things.
We did the mini petting zoo (they only had miniature horses and donkeys), saw the Lego train set up, got temporary tatoos, and got balloon animals for the kids. Then it was our turn on the train. The kids had fun with that for a few minutes but I think Kaitlyn got bored. And Tyler, who had refused to take his morning nap as scheduled, fell asleep.
After we got off the train, Sam quickly got tired of carrying the sleeping (and heavy) Ty. So we cut our time there short, before we had a chance to get a picture with Thomas or Sir Topham Hat. But we did make it out of there before it really started raining on us.
Kaitlyn's favorite part? The gift shop! :) She wanted to go in that tent from the minute we got there and had a wonderful time wandering around and picking out a toy for herself and her brother.

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