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Sunday, May 25, 2008

9 years...we deserve the weekend in Vegas

It was our anniversary this week (the 22nd). We have now been married 9 years (wow, that long?). To celebrate we did absolutely nothing on the 22nd since Sam decided to be a work-a-holic this week. But on the weekend we headed to Las Vegas. Just us for 3 days. (thanks Mom and Dad for taking the kids. I know they had a blast.) It was so great. We tried to take advantage of the whole Vegas experience.
-We went to the huge buffet at the Rio. Their dessert bar is ...completely decadent.
-We rode the roller coaster on the top of New York, New York. As far as coasters go, I'd say that one ranks right up there for thrills.

-We saw the Tournament of Kings, (at the Excalibur) which was a lot of fun. Where else do you get to eat with your fingers and cheer for your favorite knight? And they put on a really great show.
This is us in one of those cheesy, hold the camera out and snap the shot of ourselves photos that I decided we needed to commemorate the experience.

-We did some shopping. Quite a bit of shopping actually. I think our favorite place was M&M World. We had to go back the second day to pick up gifts for the kids. And Sharon - Sam says this photo is for you :)

-We walked up and down the strip countless times and spent an hour in front of the Bellagio waiting for the fountain shows. I think we saw 4 different ones in that amount of time. The combination of talent and artistry that must have gone into developing them is amazing.

-And we did a bit of gambling, of course. I didn't have any luck but Sam got on a roll with the video Blackjack and we figure we came out $20 ahead in the end.

We didn't really want to come back to reality today and are already planning our next trip. But we have tickets to ride Thomas the Train with the kids tomorrow...and we really did miss those kiddos.

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Cheri and Sterling said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time. You're so quick to post your blogs. I'm going to blog about our Vegas experience soon! I've just been busy with kids cuz Sterling left on a business trip this morning.

We took the kids to Thomas the Train last year (or maybe it was the year before) and I was disappointed with how short the ride was. It was so over priced. But at least we did it once, right?