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Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost 4

We did it! We managed to squeeze in a party for Tyler before the movers came to pack up everything. We couldn't skip it right? Not when Ty has been looking forward to his Monster Truck party for months. Not when we have so many friends and family here we wanted to share it with. And not when it's sure to get lost in the hub-bub of moving out to North Carolina during (fingers crossed!) the first part of December.

Kaitlyn decided that we would treat last Saturday almost as if it was Tyler's real birthday. She happily altered the birthday crown she got from school and plunked it on his head first thing in the morning. She also made a sign for his door and insisted on staying up a little bit later then him the night before so she could secretly tape it on.
The kids party started at 10AM and we had quite the little crowd. I have to say, I love our neighborhood and the kids and I will sure miss everyone a lot.
Tyler and all the kids had a blast at the party and it all went very smoothly. Enough of the parents stayed that I didn't feel outnumbered by the kids, even though the moms spent most of the time chatting with each other and only helped when I needed them on the craft project.
Here's Ty!

We watched monster truck clips, made our own monster truck arenas for their Hot Wheels Monster Trucks (party favors), and even went through and obstacle course themselves.

See? Aren't they a cute group? :)

And of course we had the grandparents over for cupcakes and ice cream that evening. I love that part because I get to relax and enjoy instead of running the show. And Tyler gets to really explore and enjoy his gifts as soon as he opens them (I try not to open gifts at the kids' parties because that always leads to problems with sharing or breakage or lost pieces).
"Oma" Rhonda and Dave gave him this fun Front Loader tent.
And the cake. Yes that's a sad little cupcake instead of a big fun cake. He didn't care at all and I'm sure none of you can blame me for not putting forth the extra effort this year.

More playing. This kid has so much fun and such great people that love him.


Cheri said...

Glad that Ty was able to enjoy one last party with all of his UT friends and family! We're going to miss you guys!

Stacey said...

Sad we missed it. Glad that you a great time! Looked like a great party and no I can't blame you for not doing an amazing cake :)