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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Skateboard Park

Kaitlyn is cautious - very very cautious. So I was surprised when she started talking about going to the skateboard park with her scooter. But she just kept asking. And asking. And asking to go. So one day last week we threw on our clothes, packed up the helmets and bandaids and headed there at 7AM so we could have it all to ourselves before the day heated up. And Kaitlyn was right - she loved it.
Kaitlyn was happy to stay on the tamer hills along the outer edge of the park (ah see she is still my cautious girl) and happily zipped around and around. I was surprised at how handy and confident she looked.

She was also happy to let her brother take turns - and even shared her elbow pads with him. Again, her cautious side came out as she followed him around, directing him where to go and making sure he was safe.

Tyler is just now learning how to push the scooter with one foot. He would make it up the hills very slowly, then lose his nerve and just push the scooter back down.

His favorite thing was running around on his own, climbing the bigger hills in the center of the park.
Everyone had lots of fun (because as you can see, I got to play with my my favorite toy, my camera). And we didn't have to use the bandaids. :)

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