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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Fun Time

With Sam on deployment, the extra-curricular activities come to a screeching halt. But now that he's home again, we've been out and having lots of fun. Kaitlyn, (opinionated as ever) had a few things she has been wanting to do so we started with those.

First up was the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We took the kids once when Tyler was a baby, and recently Kaitlyn has been excited to show it all to him. So we went there last weekend. The kids enjoyed it so much we walked through all the exhibits twice. Their favorites were of course the interactive parts - the sand/water table, digging for bones in the sand pit (Kate did the digging, Ty covered himself with sand), and Tyler's personal favorite, the wind tunnel (which was in the learning/kinetic, modern experiment, who-knows-what-it-was-called section). He could have stood there putting bits of paper in that thing for hours.

The museum was last Friday. Saturday was the pool. Always a big hit with the kids. And this past weekend was...ice skating! This is something we've never done with the kids, something Kaitlyn has been asking to do for over a year. And we had a lot of fun. But I have to say, it's EXHAUSTING for parents. Both the kids loved going around on the ice, but neither was confidant enough to even try to do it without both hands held firmly and most of their weight supported by us. Tyler in particular hardly wanted to get off the ice (big surprise, he hung on our hands and was pushed around - what wasn't to like?). Kaitlyn was a bit more independant but the heavy skates quickly bothered her ankles and she had to take lots of breaks. All in all, a fun activity but not one we were exactly prepared for. Next time we need we need to up the adult-child ratio, at the very least. And get in some more roller skating practice first...

Next up? Who knows?!

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