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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ty Turns Three!

What more can I say? He's three. Our baby isn't a baby anymore. Probably not even a toddler anymore. But on the bright side, this means I might have some hope of him growing out of the no-to-everything-stage soon, right? RIGHT?!! Ok maybe not. But he's still a cutie. And he had a wonderful birthday.

Kaitlyn helped me fill the floor of his room with balloons. Ok, she contributed very little to the blowing up part, but was the thought behind everything. She also insisted that he open one present first thing in the morning. It's drill weekend, so the rest of the presents had to wait until Sam could get home for the cake and ice cream party. But first we had to prep for the kids' party. The kids helped decorate cupcakes and sort-of stayed out of the way while I got everything set up.

The theme for his party this year was Farm. Fitting, since next to heavy equipment, he likes to go feed the cows (which I guess still involves heavy equipment). We had a few of the neighborhood kids over for a fun little party. (details can be found on my craft blog)

(Kaitlyn is straight-faced because she was annoyed that I asked her to move to the far side of the line for the sake of getting the kids out from in front of the window, and in so doing she didn't get to stand by Kaylee and was annoyed at me)

And then, according to our tradition, the "people party" (Kaitlyn-speak for grown-ups/family) with cake and ice cream was that evening. I love this one because I don't have to be the activity director as I do at the kids party. Instead I just sit back and let everyone spoil my kids :) And yes, my kids always get great loot.

And there's the cake! Happy Birthday Tyler!

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