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Monday, April 13, 2009

Ty's "Baby"

Ty goes out to help Grandpa feed the cows almost every day. He loves everything about it and is SO cute out there. One day I really am going to do a big photo session and capture all the fun little details. But so far I'm just getting it in bits and pieces. Like yesterday. Ty went out feeding with Grandpa and Grandma and the rest of us stayed home. But halfway into it I get a call from Grandpa "you have to take a picture of this" he says. "I know," I say, "I'm going too." "No, now. He's hugging the calf and it's so cute." Ok, so off I go to take a picture of
Ty hugging the calf. Ty's calf, that he calls Baby is the friendliest one out there. And just so happens to be the calf I helped "deliver." The calf had no problem letting Ty pet him again, but we couldn't get Ty to do any more hugs :( I did however get some nice photos that I wanted to share.


Christina said...

I love the picture "Ty's Spot" I think that one would make a great framed 8x10.

Cheri said...

Ty and Baby are so cute together!

Jacalyn said...

So cute! I drove by the other day and saw Tyler and Dennis out in the field together and just smiled to myself. This is a great time for both of them!