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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Husband Award

And the Good Husband Award goes to...Sam of course! Ok, so maybe I've been watching too much of the SunnySideUp Show on Sprout. :) But I really do want to give a big thanks to Sam for helping out so much yesterday for the BBQ. He spent more than 2 hours on the grill doing batch after batch of fries (which I woefully overestimated and still had half left over after all was said and done) and the meat for everyone. He also took Kaitlyn to the pool while Tyler took a nap so I could have a little time to myself earlier in the day. And of course he helped with some of the BBQ set up and a LOT of the clean up. (also thanks to everyone for pitching in on that) He did Ty's bath then washed the dishes while I did Kaitlyn's bath. See...very good husband! :)


Cheri and Sterling said...

Thanks so much Sam for all your work at the BBQ last night! We all had a great time.

Cartier Family said...

Thanks Sam!!!

The Richards family said...

Good entertainment to!!! It was good to get together with all the family and let the husbands in on what we do when we get together!!!!! Thanks for cooking Sam, it really was great ( and the fries were really good)